Charge controller help

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What this normally means when you have relay chatter is the hysteresis is not wide enough.

To fix this you need to lower the cut back in voltage on the trimpot

For example the cutout (high) set to 14.0 volts and the cutin (low) set to 12.8 volts.

What this will do is make the dump stay on once tripped for longer until some power is used from the battery and then it will let the controller reset to charging.

At present as the voltage goes up the relay trips then the voltage falls a fraction and the relay switches off and the volts go up and the relay switches on again in a cycle...this will kill the relay REAL FAST....NOT GOOD!!!!

Just lower the cutin setting (LOW) till you get the relay to hold in, the battey voltage will start to fall back to resting voltage and your low point needs to be a fraction below resting voltage or very close to resting voltage.

Sometimes it just works