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I have some info from a family member who has passed that served in both wars. He also gave me some old boat items and light bulbs that are 30 volts and I know he said that the early aircraft used 32 volt generators, And during the 1st war 32 volt generators were used to charge a bank of glass batteries in HQ up to 30 volts, they needed 30 volts to run the old tube radio's I still have an old 30 volt radio in my collection. They would also use 5 banks of 6 volt hard rubber cased batteries in the airplanes because the glass bottle battery would break. I think he said there was a 2 volt per cylinder ratio on the ignition systems. But that was a long time ago. with today's 12 volt systems you use 14 volts to charge so with 30 volt systems it could use 32 volts to charge.

Hope this info helps.

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