wind gen history

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I can have a chat to a few people around me and see what was here. There are quite a few in their nineties that would remember the first ones in the district, it might take me a while as I wont finish harvest for 6 weeks. I do remember being told farmers would take their batteries to a blacksmiths in the local town to be charged and swap them for a fresh set(1920's and early 30"s) after the wind turbines were introduced he built a motor driven equalisation charge gadget that done the rounds. The last time I started a 32 volt lighting plant myself was 1979 at the old police station at Fowlers Bay. output was 43 volt no load 32 volt fully loaded.

65 volts is regarded as the DC limit for safe working conditions but has not been practical to go that high in the past as severe arcing would melt and burn older materials used for switching (the modern 48 volt system just scrapes under 65 volt limit) i know 32 volt was the standard in 1909 so it probably dates back to Edison himself.

I see quite a few hannan freelites around but no 12 volt ones.

Was walking through the scrub last year and come across a 4 blade hub with galvanized blades still in pretty good nick but no tower or genny so no idea what it is.

I have a lincoln tractor pac that puts out 32 volt. there are some seriously heavy duty bits of kit that it drove, I remember drills that looked like jackhammers that could break your arm if you were not careful.