wind gen history

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Automotive starter / genies were desirable for early wind electric....had the physical space for more windings.
Lucas A900R was used by Hannan Bro's. Dodge North/East was rewound by Dick Spry amongst others.
Le-Jay had a blade kit to go on the North /East genie. Hannan Bro's used the same generator( which was first on a Morris Cowely) for voltages from 6,12 and 32....different windings/gearing same genie.
I think i recall the origins of 32v being some sort of early DC standard which was a compromise between voltage drop and high arc switching.
The 4 blades up on the tower could be Gilco, Hannan, Dunlite , Standard Lite or even homebuilt...the Hub remains
should be a good identifier. Cast hub for Gilco and Dunlite and steel tube structure for the others.
I have seen a blacksmith built frame for an A model Ford generator , was made in low volume in around the Nhill
district in the 30,s. A neat unit complete with a tail as i recall. See Alton electric below. Cheers M.