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Well the hunt for a look at the elusive Hannan Bros model G 51 freelite continues.

After visiting quite a lot of farms with freelite and dunlite towers still standing, I had drawn a complete blank. So I had a talk with one of the men that fitted 32 volt systems to houses after ww2.
His recollection was that there was very few 32 volt wind generators before the 50's in this area, most of the work he done was for petrol gen sets. The up front cost of the tower and generator was beyond the means of most people.
His opinion is that I need to find an area that has more reliable wind and that had cashed up farmers in the late 30's and 40's, that is going to be tough.

The combination of the depression and poor years between 1927-1929, 1933-1936 and droughts in 1940, 1943-1946 means I am looking for pockets of farms that got rain in the droughts or that were established prior to the boom years of the 1900's to 1920's.

One of the things I have sadly noticed is how many of the old buildings and sheds have gone now. I used to love the pictures and drawings in the middle of Jollife's outback. Almost all of the ones I remember that were standing in the 1970's have collapsed or have been demolished.
I'm confused, no wait... maybe I'm not...