wind gen history

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Hey Guys, I'm new to this forum, hope I can shed a light on Freelite stuff.
I have a nearly complete G47 but never tried it out as I was told they were slow to start & were never a big seller. Aparently the D46 with a 32 volt gen. was more sucessfull if you had a good windy spot.It was my grandfather Les Hannan who developed the Freelite in the mid '20s & the G51 must have been one of the last models. When I was an apprentice in the early '70s I worked in what used to be the Freelite Dept. in Franklin st. Adelaide. There was still lots of Freelite stuff lying around including the generator test benches which still worked. I still have some of the original drawings & old tools. I'm now 60 & my father died about 5 years ago but he told me lots of stories about his early days at Hannan's & the times he spent at the Freelite test site out at Virginia.