(MM) wild temp sensor readings

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I like the way you got your circuits set up for each LM335. Is the av(3), av(4) the average of the pin(x), etc voltages you collect directly from the Maxmimite pins that the sensors are located on? This looks great.

So you average the pin voltage readings for five minutes for each individual pin, putting the results into av(x), av(y), etc, and then at five minute intervals you use scaled(x), scaled(y), etc to convert the averaged voltages collected to display the results?

I like that if I understand correctly. Could you share a couple lines of code showing how you collect and average the pin voltages on each program loop?

I am new to circuit board building and have never learned about or understood capacitors before. I do have a box of capacitors, mostly disc types with a few cans. Wikipedia tells me the small disc types are rated in pF. So if I need to use a .01 uF isn’t that the same as 10 nF or 1000pF? I’m trying to see if I have what I need to jump these four sensors pins to ground. I’m not sure I understand how to read their markings. Guess I need to order up a collection of capacitors. Do you suggest cans, disc, or ceramic? Do I need all three for amateur work like this? Are the .01uF caps that I need most likely to be disc type?

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