(MM) wild temp sensor readings

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Posted: 10:30pm 14 Jan 2012      

I am getting wild readings seconds apart (sometimes) so I think it is hardware too.

But as I said earlier, I'm new to circuit board building. One poster mentioned putting a .01 uF capacitor across the MM pin connection point and ground. Wikipedia says small capacitors use a 3 digit code that is pF. So does that mean I'm looking through my collection for a 1000 pF? That would be four digits. I have a small capacitor that reads 100 and another that is labeled .001. Neither of these seem correct to my limited understanding though. Some of the can capacitors I have are rated in uF. But others don't have the scale rating (uF, nF or pF). What will a small disc capacitor that is .01 uF read like using the three digit pF scale?

Could someone give me a clue about how to read capacitors for this project and which type I should be looking for?

I guess I will order up a collection of capacitors. Should I get small disc capacitors first, or ceramic ones, or cans. Do I need a good collection of all three types to get started? Which do I need for this project?

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