BASIC Speed Benchmark Tests

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Posted: 02:37pm 26 Aug 2014      

That's a useful comparison, actually - thanks for posting.

As you say - Ardiuno is a different beast, really, so comparing compiled C code running on the Arduino, to an interpreted language running on the MaxiMite series, is, as others have pointed out, apples and oranges to some extent.

Still, the figures are useful. What I glean from this is that if you NEED raw speed, then you are better perhaps to concentrate your efforts with an Arduino. If, on the other hand, speed is not THAT critical, and you need ease of use, then the MM is an ideal choice.

For me, the MM was the winner for a couple of reasons: On-board SD card and filesystem built right into the MMBASIC, VGA output, sound output - all on-board. Now, you can easily add all of these to the Arduino with modules, but I liked the idea that everything was in one chip with the MMBASIC.

As Dave on the EEVBLOG has said: "Just use the one that works for you."
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