BASIC Speed Benchmark Tests

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  Quote  As you say - Ardiuno is a different beast, really, so comparing compiled C code running on the Arduino, to an interpreted language running on the MaxiMite series, is, as others have pointed out, apples and oranges to some extent.


As Dave on the EEVBLOG has said: "Just use the one that works for you."

Precisely! I could not express better!

Sometimes I miss "int" and "char" on my Maximites, this could also improve the speed. But I think Geoff has a limited time contingent and he tries to keep the language as simple as possible. And he has already done so much. I'm very grateful for his work!



You will find some Basic benchmarks more. But no TRS-80. It seems that the results are all in a range, depending on the CPU and the clock rate used.

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