BASIC Speed Benchmark Tests

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With respect, this is not a competition, it's about what can be done by which means, or not. I'm sure you agree.

I'm sure most users who read here can distinguish between interpreters and compilers and know the limits of Arduinos (If not: UNO: 32K Flash, 2K SRAM // MEGA2580: 256K Flash, 8K SRAM // DUE: 512K Flash, 96K SRAM, 3,3V).

No one wants to compare apples with oranges (pears) or say this system is the best.
For me it was important to see what can be done with one system and what with another. I'm always looking for solutions not ideologies!
How Grogster has already explained: Sometimes speed or price is important, sometimes convenience. I am happy to live in a world where I ... WE! have the choice.

If these benchmarks can mislead someone, then we should perhaps explain better?
Is there someone who needs more informations?