BASIC Speed Benchmark Tests

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  twofingers said   @John,

With respect, this is not a competition, it's about what can be done by which means, or not. I'm sure you agree.

As you can see, I never mentioned anything about a competition.

They are, however, very selective benchmarks which test almost exclusively CPU speed with little or no data so are in danger of being unlike almost any real life programs for a uC.

I'm merely trying to sound a warning for those who do not realise that. I wouldn't want them to feature on hackaday, for example, which has already featured statements such as being 70 times slower than (whatever) - but slower at what? Well, something meaningless. What matters is whether it's fast enough for what's needed. Gneerally it's way faster than needed because I/O is slow and the things you do with each I/O tend to be quite little in terms of CPU usage.

Back to the sack of salt.

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