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  djuqa said   And for those of you that haven't heard the news, they sold out within a couple hours.

I do not believe this, this is what is written on their web page:

Although we are still waiting for units to arrive from China, you can start buying the Raspberry Pi today.

so they never ran this 10K batch, and now you can pre-order from Farnell and RS-Components and wait 60 days, hoping that they will finally manage to arrange the manufacturing.

it's pity as it all seems now to look like cheap advertising for Broadcom for their processor. (the man behind this project - Mr. Raspberry Pi is working for Broadcom)

They said they will produce complete linux computer with HDMI for $25, but they obviously have no any manufacturing background nor they every did production in any scale, and 10K unit production is not so easy as they think.
It was really funny to read on their forum how they intend to manufacture the boards in UK but the "import taxes" were holding them off, to build just tester for such board which to load the linux image and do the functional test for series of 10K pcs will cost about 200K GBP so they will not fit in their budged just to test the boards in UK.

$25 is the Arduino board price tag, releasing board with 256MB RAM and ARM on 700 Mhz at this price have no business logic/background - this you can achieve for board with 8bit micro or you have to not include re-seller margin and to work on really tight budged. I don't say this is not possible, there are Bit-tornet loaders on Deal Extreme for $30 which run linux but there the processor is smaller and with no HDMI, so if the chinese can't do it for $25 I don't see how UK based company will arrange the production.

The board which came close to these specs is the BeagleBone for $89 which TI sells to selected developers at cost for $50-60

Raspberry PI so far just makes press releases and sold few boards for 1000 GBP each on e-bay, they had to release this 10K batch in December, January, February, end of February and now it looks like the earliest release date through Farnell is April .. 1st

I really wanted to buy one at Embedded but had no chance.

To add on top of this the closed source code for the Broadcom processor, this board will have never mainstream linux support like Beagle and other boards which are with completely open source drivers.