AX 300-3 & VLLR

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Hi Glenn,

Yea you are right ,there are a lot of options with plate design and how to control them . I like the plate design you have shown and I can remember those plates in the old valve radios . The only draw back I see is that it increases the size of the tank above the fluid to allow the plate to rotate up and clear which decreases the fluid volume or increases tank size. The same can be said with my present set up as the plates are 300mm long so they need that clearance, but it was an easy option to get it all up and going .

In the next liquid resistor I intend to go with approx 30 x 400mm plates with a bit of a taper at the end . My tank is 500 H x 500 L x 300 W , so allowing about 70mm for the rotating shaft and a bit of clearance between the fluid and the bottom it should give a fair volume of liquid to heat, if required.

To get more load can be easily done by raising the Ph , closing the plate gap or increasing the plate width .

The most important thing is stalling the mill when no more power is needed and taking the heat that would have been generated in stopping the mill from the stator and dissapating it as heat in the fluid until the mill comes into stall, and when in stall also dissapating the current/power produced in that state as the mill will be still turning to the point where it stalls to the wind strength and blade power generated to the plate resistance in the fluid.

The thing I do like with the liquid resistor it gives a very smooth shutdown.
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