AX 300-3 & VLLR

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Posted: 05:30am 10 May 2012      

  brucedownunder2 said  

Apologies to Phill for my "spit" --hard day at the office-- he's doing some good work,,hope he still talks to me?..


Hi Bruce,

I think this is better placed over here , I find waiting a day before you hit the enter key helps .
I will be posting another thread about what I did to the little 500 Kit mill with manual overide furling, it might be of intrest to you . I think it would get to confusing when this dealing with the liquid resistor .

Shawn.. Yes, bad news but its all done and dusted now, but does sounds like you might have something not right , the winds you are doing battle with over there are so destructive for windgens.
You have hit the nail on the head , getting the best out of low to med wind bites you on the ass when the storms come and with the AXFX Design its very limited cooling it can all go wrong so quickly . Now having the stator temp logging it will give a good indication of temp rise and fall.... When my wind comes ...

Pete , thanks for putting a bit more detail to the thread , should have called it the AX300-3 and "THE DUCKS NUTS" .
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