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  Octavio said  
Thanks for your comments,

I was thinking more in the direction of replacing the app you are currently using to access your computer-controller for a more compact-less data being transmitted trough your mobile connection-purpose made app sort of thing (configurable notification triggers, etc.). I hope I'm making sense here.

Hi Octvio,

Thanks again for your offer but I would think the program required to do what "Team Viewer" is doing would be quite lengthy and difficult program to write . The Host " logging laptop" can be accessed by anyone with the T/Viewer program on their laptop/mobile phone as long as they have the address and current password . The password can be instantly reset after thay have accessed the computer, as well the owner has an Admin Password to gain access at all times.

The good thing about this is the screen stays live unlike " Remote Desktop " and multipul users can be logged into the host computer, and the computer functions as normal for all to see. The program/app can be set up in minutes without the need for a complicated set proceedure like "RDP"and it works straight away. This has been an invaluable tool when we were first iorning a few bugs out , as both Pete and Gordon could be logged in and able to watch, access picaxe chips and reprogram from thousands of miles away as the need arose.

The "team viewer" program is availabe as a free trial version as long as it not used for comercial purposes, hopfully it stays that way as it is a very expensive program/app to buy.

If you do want to contact me to discuss what you had in mind feel free to drop me an email .

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