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Just a bit of an update , I had some good wind a few days ago but still not up to what you would call high wind, with gusts coming through at about 35 to 45 klm which puts it into the 10 to 12m/s range where wind turbines should be in the self protection stage .

The control system was at one stage frequently being activated by the high RPM set point of 350 RPM and by the time the plates were fully in and loading the mill the Rpms a few times went through 400Rpm if the mill was comming out of furl at the same time of the wind gust . It was also incredible to see the brute power the GOE222 blade produces as the blades a couple of times powered through for quite a while before going into stall.

The stator temp was another shutdown that came into play , as the outputs were reaching up to the 1500w and peaking at 1850W with the RPM limit the stator temp was easily getting up to 80 to 90degC and when the RPM limit was reached a couple of times while the temp was at these levels the shut down would increase the stator temp by 8 to 10 deg and then go into the "high temp" cool down . As this was around 20min I shortened this by reseting and letting the mill go after a few minutes and by this time the temp each time had droped by 20deg back to the 70.

This made it pretty easy to see how these blade can easily smoke an AXFX mill as I have done twice now by trying to stop it by shorting.

So basicly the whole system had a fairly good work out and I have now increased the temp shut down point to 105deg and left the RPM the same . The more I see of the behaviour of the GOE222 blade the more respect I give it with the power it can develop and what controls are needed to tame it in high wind.

The liquid resistor and controlls did their job. It opens up another way controlling large amounts of power generated with out the need for large relays and to be directly be connected to AC from the mill , how the plates are moved in and out is open to many variations and plate designs like Glenn has drawn on the previous page.
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