AX 300-3 & VLLR

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I remember seeing a discussion on Fieldlines about controlling the blade pitch on a turbine with a linear actuator.

The idea was pounded as not practical as the actuator would not keep up with the gusty nature of the wind.

I thought the idea was very sound, the pitch was set in, say, ten steps in response to rpm and wind speed and maybe even power use. Ranging from optimum pitch through to parked. The intention was to have the actuator move instantly up the steps towards shutdown but a delay of a 5 - 20 seconds or even more as the wind gets stronger in moving the other way.

Gusts of wind don't come out of nowhere so the blades would be partially shut down on a day that is likely to produce high wind gusts. That would mean that the actuator would only have to move a few more steps to handle a gust which it could do quite quickly.

I think they proposed using a picaxe to do the job.

This could perhaps be a refinement for your actuator that dunks the plates into the fluid in the future. I like the idea of a 2 or 3 step load with some hysteresis built in. I think the concept could be used in a number of applications.
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