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Hi Yahoo

Yea , that was the "active pitch control" thread , I thought the system had merit as well, but as soon as you seem to go off the beaten track its like sailing of the edge of the world for some of the purists out there.

I like the idea of pitch control especially with the GOE222 blade because difficulty in controlling to much power in high wind opposed to tapered blades which can be stalled fairly easily , if pitch control was going to be used with linear actuators and micros then I would think the system somehow would need to be a defaulted to shutdown position if power was lost.

The more experience I have with Axials and these blades in strong wind the more I lean towards pitch control, after seeing the fly weight mechanical system Royal Fabrication put together for his 20ft turbine the more I think he is on the right track and I am now thinking of marring the Liquid Resistor and mechanical Pitch Control with the new AXFX I am building to see how it goes.
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