Did you know S.A.M.? (text to speech)

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Posted: 01:01am 05 Nov 2018      

  twofingers said  
  Paul_L said  
  Grogster said   Making SAM swear is just as funny now as it was thirty years ago!

Can it do Polish???? Try "swinie dupa" or "stary byk".

If it can't then it must be exhibiting non-derogatory discrimination!

Pavel Artur Jan Waclaw Lepkowski in NY

Hi Paul,
I guess SAM can say - almost - anything if you use the right phonemes.
"stary byk"= "old bull" and "swinie dupa" = "pigs butt"?

I never saw any discrimination here. That's why I like this board!

... and the voice of SAM reminds me of the voice of Hawkings (†) and the time of 35 years ago.


Geeze Michael, I'm just trying to get a little ruction going here. Most times these Ausies won't get bent out of shape when I try to tell them that they're driving on the wrong side of the road. I figured I'd play the Polack from Brooklyn card to see if they would shoot down that balloon, but they haven't taken the bait ..... yet.

Maybe I'll start picking on Germans next. I know how to do that. Mein Großvater Otto Sebbes zog 1896 von Bremerhaven nach New York.

Paul in NY