Did you know S.A.M.? (text to speech)

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Frank N. Furter

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Posted: 11:00am 22 Nov 2018      


I'm afraid this innovation won't be important to most people here.
For all those who always wanted to have a TTS chip with German speech output it could be an enrichment!
Most of it sounds understandable and can be improved by a different spelling.

There are now two new points:
$GER-ASSIGN: Displays the German alphabet for phoneme assignment
$GERMAN : Change to German input

Here are the HEX: 2018-11-22_205653_SAM_TTS_MX150-170_V1.1.zip

And here is the source: 2018-11-22_205846_23_TTS.X-Final_Version_1.1_German.zip

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