MM2(+): TM1637 7-segment clock display

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Hi all,
I am a newbie in electronics and I need to adapt this program to handle the TM1637 display from VBA, in which I have experience. Is it crazy?
The intention is simple, show on a display the time of the PC with Windows OS.
I have it connected through a USB-I2C adapter, CH341A without socket.

The first problem is with the hardware, I need to know if this converter is able to communicate with the TM1637 directly or is another circuit needed?
The second problem is with the software, it seems that a link to some library is missing, there are some variables and functions that I am unable to adapt (p.ex. pin (m_pinDIO) = 0, setpin m_pinDIO, din).

Can someone give me an idea?
All tips are also welcome, even if they involve the use of another display.

Thanks in advance.

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