MM2(+): TM1637 7-segment clock display

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Hello Nabuky. welcome to the forum. I hope you are well.

matherp's prog above should give you all the registers you need to drive the module.

I don't know how much success you going to have doing it directly from a PC to i2c as the module isn't a pure i2c interface. I would be tempted to put something in between e.g. a Micromite Mk2 and issue commands via a com port on your PC with a USB<->serial module. The commands could then be interpreted by your microcontroller to drive the i2c using a modified version of the code above.

This isn't as difficult or expensive as you might think and having a microcontroller allows you to have a lot more flexibility and then your VBA can vary it's command set easily - the PC end will be easy to tweak.Edited by CaptainBoing 2019-07-16