MM2(+): TM1637 7-segment clock display

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  Nabuky said  
  Quote  I would be tempted to put something in between e.g. a Micromite Mk2 and issue commands via a com port on your PC with a USB<->serial module. The commands could then be interpreted by your microcontroller to drive the i2c using a modified version of the code above.

My specialty is management software and databases, mainly for business. I regret that my knowledge in microcontrollers are so scarce, I can not consider now the development of a solution with them.

Mine too! but my first love is micro electronics.

get hold of a small 28 pin micromite unit - there are lots of suppliers here who can sell you a ready to go board for not much $$$. You only need a USB lead to talk to it - really easy - no, really! It will present as a COM port on your PC - no need for your USB <-> i2c module. You can do the whole thing with putty and notepad... no need to load an IDE or anything. With no affiliation and just grabbing a link out of the air for Europe, you have this which is ideal Explore28 or the "keyring" if you can solder and you want to save a few $ (but I wouldn't if I was at the stage you are). If you had the bits, this could be working tonight - This thread contains all the know-how to put it all together and someone has even given you the code!

Connect up the display as detailed above, load the code onto the MM and it should immediately(ish?) work. There is a good IDE for MMs though if you are happier with an integrated environment - search this forum for MMEdit - it is a little less hardcore than Putty & Notepad++

Then send "commands" from your PC to the COMx port, augment the above code a little bit at a time to parse those commands and you are pretty much done. You can add more to the code over time to increase the functionality - perhaps flipping between the time and temperature, or supply voltages etc?

I really do understand this looks like a black art but it is easy and you can just come back to the forum here if/when you get stuck. Once you have done the first project your head will be buzzing with the next when you realise what a capable little thing the MM is

have fun

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