Micromite eXtreme Firmware V5.03

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Most MMX144 modules have now been assembled; and queuing up for testing prior to despatch.

All MMX144 Module orders up to the 17th Jan have already been tested & shipped (and every 'PCB only' order has been too). Currently I am testing orders up to 25 January and these will be despatched on this coming Monday. The remainder of Januarys orders will be shipped by Wednesday (after testing), and February's orders shipped by Friday (after assembly and testing).

I was able to assemble two modules per day (on average), and this allowed for testing time too. So it has taken a little longer than anticipated but I am a bit of a perfectionists I'm afraid to say

With Peter's new camera stuff released just now, I hope you guys that have a MMX144 enjoy playing with it (and all the other new features now available). As mentioned on the Camera thread - due to the excellent interest in the MicroMite eXtreme, I have just six MMX144 modules remaining which are strictly available on a first-come-first served basis.

I will be looking at stocking the 100MZ module once all MMX144 module pre-orders have been despatched - hopefully you can understand and appreciate this.

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