Micromite eXtreme Firmware V5.03

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Attached is the latest release 5.3.08 for the 100 and 144-pin parts


Changes from v06 are:

Improved initialisation of SDcard
Corrected a bug in the FILE command which caused it to repeat a previous error message
open “notafile” for input as #1 ‘correctly gives file not found error
FILES ‘ would repeat the file not found error

Fixed two cut-and-paste bugs in serial IO setup for com3 and com4 – this affected use for GPS as well.
Fixed bug in GPS code that caused a lock-up if a GPS sentence with a valid checksum but invalid content was supplied by the receiver
Fixed an omission in handling of wav file headers which would “play” previously un-handled header information as though it was data

Also attached is the code for the Micromite eXtreme64


This includes the same bug fixes and also includes camera support

Updated manual also attached



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