Micromite eXtreme Firmware V5.03

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Posted: 04:42am 01 Mar 2017      

Attached is the latest release 5.3.09 for the 100 and 144-pin parts


Also attached is the code for the Micromite eXtreme64


This release uses the functionality in FatFs to solve one of the little bugbears of SDcard use - particularly use of the card slots on TFT screens. The new code incorporates a check which is run every second on the SDcard to interrogate the SDcard IFF it was previously initialised.

In the event that the check fails the card is marked as not initialised in the same way as previously happened only when a card-detect pin was specified.

So now if you remove a card and then re-insert it or a different card the software will know that it need initialising and when you try and access it will act accordingly exactly as though there was a card-detect pin.

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