Introducing the Pi-cromite: first steps

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6x as fast as the Micromite eXtreme, this is MMBasic 5.3 running native on a Raspberry Pi 3 under Raspbian. The picture is of a Teraterm session on the PC connected to the Pi with SSH.

If you want to try it, load the attached to your Pi and execute it using the usual Linux syntax "./mmbasic". You may need to execute "chmod +x mmbasic" to set the file as executable.

I don't think it needs anything else installing on the Pi to run - let me know.

The code is a port of MMBasic V5.3 with double precision floating point and 64-bit integers. The executable is posted with Geoff's approval. Basic file handling is supported as in the picture but error handling is primitive/non-existent. Time$, date$ and timer are supported but there is no other peripheral support at the moment. The FILE command can be used (without arguments) to list the contents of the current directory (use "Print cwd$" to see where you are)

It has been tested with cdeagle's code for calculating solar eclipses and exactly matches the output of the MMX.

I'm doing the development on the Pi itself using Netbeans8.2/GCC

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