Introducing the Pi-cromite: first steps

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Posted: 09:23pm 05 Apr 2017      

  Quote  Does the pi version include lcd screen buttons, cfunctions etc ?

It will include full LCD support on a limited selection of LCD types. It won't include CFunctions but the Pi version of MMBasic is very fast anyway

  Quote  Pi's are also missing analogue inputs

Correct but I'll support an external ADC (proposals?) in MMBasic

  Quote  No serial, I2C etc and no LCD (Yet)

Being a multitasking environment, accurate timing could be difficult.

Serial, I2C, onewire etc. are all intended to be supported. I believe I can get round the timing issue but MMBasic is likely to need to be run as root

"sudo ./mmbasic"

I would appreciate help from any Linux gurus as to how to run a copy of MMBasic from boot of the Pi for true embedded applications. It would use the GPIO pins UART as the console.Edited by matherp 2017-04-07