Introducing the Pi-cromite: first steps

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Posted: 04:23pm 07 Apr 2017      

Pi Zero 'should' be OK.

After the problem with " initInitialise: Can't lock /var/run/", I found mmbasic still running and consuming 99% of the CPU.
Killing that process and deleting the /var/run/ file gave me another error
  Quote  pi@cumulus:~/mmbasic$ sudo ./mmbasic
2017-04-08 12:01:41 initInitialise: bind to port 8888 failed (Address already in use)
LINUX MMBasic Version 5.3
Copyright 2011-2017 Geoff Graham
Copyright 2017 Peter Mather

I found another instance of mmbasic running (but this time using 0% CPU.
Killing that process and finally I could run mmbasic again.

It all started with the ZX81....