Introducing the Pi-cromite: first steps

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  JohnS said  
  Tinine said   My question was a simple one-liner, based on the observation that, from the screen-shot, MM-Basic appears to recognize only 512K. Nothing about my wants/needs.

I cannot see why you don't understand about the memory: probably as much as you want.

Peter probably just made any version with a decent amount for testing so something could be done - like testing I/O.

You could do with being a lot less impatient. It's new. New versions of anything are normally missing some things someone would like. The alternative is we wait for maybe months with nothing at all posted - certainly not the ones that have been - so a fully-featured version could just spring forth. Not a great idea.

Truly no good deed goes unpunished!


What is there to "understand" about "probably"?

Nothing to do with being "impatient". I have never owned/used a Pi. For now, I have settled on the E-100, for a product that is already selling and it's already overkill for the application.

My question was merely a techical curiosity, the response could well have been along the lines of; MM-Basic was intended for microcontrollers and has some form of 9 bit memory addressing limitation.

For the same reason given above, "probably" is right up there with "assumption".