Introducing the Pi-cromite: first steps

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Thanks for your efforts in testing.

I need to work on the FILES command to make it compatible with the Micromite syntax. Currently it is just a hack version.

I'm going to try moving to the pigpio daemon in the next version. This will mean there is just one privileged process run at startup and then the mmbasic process can be run without root access. I think it will also mean multiple copies of mmbasic can be run at the same time but this needs proving.

I'm currently working on timed I/O which provides the basis for many of the commands and functions. DISTANCE and PULSIN are working but need tidying up. I hope to post a new version later today.

Re the 512K issue:

I don't intend to re-invent the MMBasic memory model and we don't want the MMBasic application to page so the memory size should be appropriate to the Pi in use. In my case a Pi3 has 1M of memory so 512K seems sensible. I'll make the memory size a parameter when running mmbasic so it can be tuned to the target pi and application.

e.g mmbasic -m512