Ma-Sea Solar boat

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Further development of the solar boat concept.

First experiments

I bought some poly pipe 300mm diameter some time ago.

The first was to see if the pipe could be straightened. We left it with curve up in the sun for many days. Every day the pipe would just bend up further. The heated side expands, making the pipe curve more. So turned one pipe over exposing the concave side to the sun and it straightened and then bent the other way. Let it cool in the shade and it just went back to original curve. So thought to make a fibreglass panel and shove it through the pipe, but still no success to straighten the pipe. So..... too bad, we will use the pipes with the curve in it.

This is another Dad and son (& son) project. We set about making a cone shape plug from polyurethane foam. Cut rough pieces and glued them together, then sanded out the shape. Sprayed with flowcoat and sanded that off to a reasonable smooth surface. Then take a mould off this shape and make 4 cones from the mould - 2 for the front and 2 for the back. Glued one cone in the first pipe.

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