Ma-Sea Solar boat

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I didnt have a solar boat, but for several months I did have an electric one

I had a 24v 87lb electric trolling motor, and I was actually surprised by its performance, it could push the 14fter along about the same speed as the 6hp did
When the petrol motor chewed its g/box out due to netting, I used the trolling motor for a few months until fixing the petty motor and was surprised that 2 4wd hilux batterys was capable of several hours of fishing down Alligator Creek, the first few times I chucked my homemade petrol battery charger in just in case (lawn mower motor hooked up to 12v 100a car alternator) but never actually needed it

That motor pulled about 40A at 24v, I often thought that a full length `solar canopy' would be able to put that out easily on a 14fter, plus some batts for backup could easily be carried by my boat (its official payload is 4 people @120kg each according to the old sticker it had)