Ma-Sea Solar boat

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With fibreglass on only one side, we put them aside and started the deck. More cutting and joining up with the 50mm fibreglass tape as ribs to strengthen the structure. All the long ways cut and joined and then cross ways cut and joined. A grid of stiffening ribs.

Got the motor out for a closer look and measure up to work out the engine mounting pod. The height of the motor mounting had to be lower than where I wanted the deck to be. We used 12mm structural foam to create the shape and glassed over on one side. When the resin was set, then turned over and glassed on the other side. With a strong stiff construction then was to thicken up the part where the motor will be clamped on.

Here is a picture of the motor that we will try first. It is rated at 10kW, or said to be equivalent to a petrol 20HP.

Attention was also turned to setting up to make a mould for pieces to hold the pipes on.

With the deck joins all set we then glued on the sides and braced square until glue set.

Then fibreglassed over and fibreglassed the motor mounting pod on as well.

Back to the pipe join mould, gelcoated, fibreglassed, and braced.

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