Ma-Sea Solar boat

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Posted: 11:08pm 12 Jul 2017      

Next was to flowcoat the underside.

Took the pipe join mould off the pipe. It was very rough because the sticky tape formed wrinkles as the pipe moved from day time heat to cool night temperature. I had already sprayed the gelcoat so nothing I could do about it then. We patched it up a bit and just use it. First flange on the mould.

Turned the body over and had to check out how the electric outboard motor would sit - see if we had our measurement right. Should be pretty good. Have to thicken up the mounting board as the motor clamps don't wind in that far.

2 pipe join flanges off the mould and third gelcoated. We did glass the 3rd one up late today but no picture.

A little more work done on the top of the body.

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