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We get back to experimenting with boat concepts again.
The idea eventually is to have 3 pipe lengths on each side.

Recently tested a new motor, but had 2 pipe lengths on each side. Total length with 2 pipe lengths is 9.4m long.

This is the new pod motor and old pod motor.

The old pod motor is the one that I tried with the original testing with canoes 2 years ago at Ankara, Murray river. The vertical round stainless steel pipe on these motors is hopeless because the water hits the front of the stainless steel pipe and creates an air pocket at the back, down to the propeller and cavitates. The new motor we used pvc to create a small foil. This foil did work some but needs to be longer. It still developed the air pocket. The cav plate did help but also needs some work too. The old pod motor we used ice cream container bent around a bit of plastic decking material cut to shape. This foil and cav plate works well. The new pod motor is definitely a stronger motor.

My Dad and I set up the 2 lengths of pipe in the car park to the boat ramp. And then to launch it. I didn't get a photo of what it looked like after we took out the timber boxes as props for assembly, but the trailer at less than half the length of the boat, the pipe sagged plenty and almost touched the ground.

Once in the water is seemed to be very stable, and very good buoyancy.

The data of power to speed as tested with this 2 pipe lengths boat. Boat driven cross wind. Battery voltage, 53v.
The new pod motor.
Amps Speed km/hr
7.7 7.2
13.2 9.2
16 8.8
19 10
25.5 9.8 (strange result)
45 11
up wind
16 8
down wind
16 9

The old pod motor, cross wind.
7.5 6.3
10.5 7.2
up wind
16 7.5
down wind
16 9.1

This data shows the new pod motor to be a little more efficient, but nothing real significant.

The boat rides very smooth in choppy water.
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