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Rego done (the day after Christmas, after boxing day) and number painted on. Had lots of family here over Christmas / New Years and many named it Kerme (the green frog) so that's the name on the side.

Headed off to the water. Of course in my EV Hilux. This Electric Hilux is my primary vehicle, it goes everywhere. My younger brother and his wife took these pictures.

Good balance sitting still in the water.

No performance numbers. This is like a bath tub. It filled up with water very quickly, drenched all my electronic gear. Dad's tape measure stuffed, and my multimeter don't work anymore. I haven't tried to switch anything else on yet. Flotation is excellent, with all the extra water, no problem, it cannot sink. The water runs out the 2 big holes in the transom.

Going by feel. The boat probably goes a little better than the pipe, but nothing significant. It plows a lot. Very good in the waves from the other boats around us. Very stable and smooth. Cuts through the waves very easily. But could not get up on the plane. The electric outboard is a 20HP, so no spare power available.

We had a little fun driving it around. It can pull a knee board but a bit slow.

Back to the shed to think how to make it better. We have been working on it, but I will post again another time.

edit: just had to fix one picture

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