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We added another pontoon width to each side.

We made the front inside of the pontoon straight to reduce the funnel effect channeling water through the tunnel. The water through the tunnel was about 50mm lower than before.

Left the top of the added section open at the front, just wanted to test the extra planing surface before we finished it off. The water spray over the bow was much better, a lot less. The open top of the new section did not take on any significant amount of water either.

The water over the transom (motor mount) was no different, the water though the tunnel still hit the outboard leg and shoots up over the transom (motor mount board). It can't sink, the water just runs back out the holes. Next is to lift the motor higher. The boat was definitely faster with the double pontoon. It felt like it was getting up on the plane. The pontoon transom cleared of all water at 11km/hr and 61A, battery voltage 52v.

Speeds and currents.
4km/hr 12A
6km/hr 23A
10km/hr 54A
11km/hr 61A
14km/hr 95A
18km/hr 128A
22km/hr 189A
24km/hr 191A

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