Ma-Sea Solar boat

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Posted: 12:30am 22 Feb 2018      

We lifted the motor mount by 180mm. Just made a temporary ply board.
By the time we got to the water, the ply had a crack both front and back, so did not risk going in the water. We removed the motor and ply for the trip back home.

Fitted some steel angle to support the ply.
Then off to the water to again to test. The cav plate was level with the surface of the water at rest, which turned out to be too high. As soon as power was applied, the prop cavitated. We did manage to get it up on the plane once by going around in circles to increase the water level in the tunnel. No speed record, the GPS was flat.

So we cut 50mm off the top of the ply and went to the water again.
Speeds and currents are better, but not significantly different to before. Gained 1km/hr top end speed.

Speed and current
5.2 km/hr 10.3A
6.6 km/hr 15.1A
7.6 km/hr 21.8A
9.7 km/hr 42.9A
11 km/hr 52A
14.1 km/hr 93A
17.2 km/hr 123A
19 km/hr 150A
25 km/hr 189A

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