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Posted: 09:37pm 06 Sep 2017      

some of my programs are now being rejected by anti-virus software, which is proving to be quite a pain. in one case as soon as i compiled the source code and tried to run it, AVG would delete the executable!

my fear is that this is something that will just get worse over the coming years. there will be money to be made in getting the anti-virus companies to 'approve' your programs, or having them placed in the microsoft software store. i'd imagine the end-game will something like the apple store, except for windows 10.

the same will (as you are observing) happen to websites. anti-virus software is starting to get very aggressive about 'persuading' users to install extra modules for identity protection, website screening, etc. even now, some of these features are reported as no longer being able to be deselected or turned off.

rob :-)