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Norton's AV is one of the world's biggest bloatwares. I have not bothered with Nortons for years and years. I ACTIVELY try to talk clients out of using it on their machines, because if you don't have a reasonably zippy machine anyway, Nortons will make a slower machine run like a snail, cos it is always checking things in the background, and gobbling up all the PC's resources. It seems a bit like a knee-jerk reaction to AV these days - Nortons.

Some people will always get bitten by viruses, but you'd be surprised how many people can be educated on what NOT to do on the net, and what attachments NOT to open etc, etc, etc that they can protect themselves with only minimalistic AV software.

[Quote=Jim]At this stage, I am very tempted to just close the website totally and give up producing software for others to use. I've got better things to do with my time than put up with companies like Norton's.[/Quote]

Please don't underestimate your CONSIDERABLE contribution to the entire Micromite ecosystem. Without MMEDIT, The MicroMite would not be as pleasurable a system to work on. Not to take away from the built-in editor, but a proper IDE with coloured syntax makes development so much less stressful then it otherwise could be, so you have done some absolutely brilliant work, Jim, and please don't let stupid Nortons - or anyone else for that matter - tell you anything different.
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