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  TassyJim said   This latest issue was brought to my attention by a prospective new micromite user. His shock of being led to a malicious web site has probably frightened him of micromites altogether.
This is why I am so upset. I can live without the domain name I have had for close on 20 years, but I don't want to be responsible for any tarnish to the maximite name.

Yes fair point Jim. I think you're probably worrying too much about that - but the reputation of the C-Com website name is still affected some.

It might be useful to have Geoff contact Silicon Chip and get them to put something (an Editorial?) in the next edition to highlight this problem, using Norton and C-Com as an example. SC have some skin in this as well given the number of projects they've published about Maxi/Micromites over the years. SC could also contact Norton and request they remove the black-listing or face continuing bad publicity in SC which has considerable global distribution.