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Joined: 12/02/2019
Location: United Kingdom
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Posted: 11:24pm 11 Feb 2019
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Hi there,
I'm interested in jumping in and converting my own F&P motors into generators, I'd rather buy the motors new just in case I have a crazy invention one day that I need to attach one too for public consumption.

Looking on F&P's website;

They have a large number of new 36 pole motors, can anyone help me understand the differences and which is the best to buy for our purposes? I will probably make 12V to 24V low rpm devices.

Also I read on another site to stay clear of Aluminium coils, all the new F&P generators are made with aluminium wire according to the data sheets. Any ideas on why this was mentioned?

Thanks Will

Joined: 14/05/2006
Location: New Zealand
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Posted: 09:44am 13 Feb 2019
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Aluminium coils ... I have had two of their quite old motors (Gentle Annie), the model previous to the SmartDrive, with aluminium coils go open circuit.

These are in a single jet microhydro and as bearings only last 100s of hours maybe the ally can't stand the vibration. Evidently, copper versions of the motor was made but I never found one to try.

Maybe you could find a service outlet selling new units in the UK, but I'd think getting them out of dud machines would be more appropriate.

Check powerspout.com he wrote a pamphlet characterising the various SmartDrive generators.

DaveEdited by davef 2019-02-14

Joined: 16/02/2019
Location: United States
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Posted: 02:32am 19 Feb 2019
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Other manufacturers make similar smart Drive washing machine motor I have a couple of them I think there are other LG or Samsung I'll be willing to donate one to you for your project might have to pay the shipping though I don't know where you're from and I would have to check and see if they're aluminum or copperEdited by BenandAmber 2019-02-26

Joined: 15/03/2019
Location: New Zealand
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Posted: 11:02pm 25 Apr 2019
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Hi Guys

F/P 36 pole copper and 48 Back rotor is the way to go. No cogging. Yes, you can still get them, I have three at the mo. I'm after 6. The aly, will swell if water gets on the pols, after a while. ;-(

https://www.powerspout.com/ this Guy stated that the 36 poles can give you 1800w at 2000rpm scary. He can also give heaps of other advice. That is free, but some he will charge.

If you need parts like MPPT, and charges, Bridge Rectifier. If you want cheap goodies, try AliExpress.com

I do hope I was of some help.


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