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Forum Index : Windmills : Alston 33 windmill

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Joined: 26/05/2019
Location: Australia
Posts: 1
Posted: 02:49am 26 May 2019
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Hi guys just new here , I'm chasing a large gear for an Alston 33 windmill, any info would be appreciated, thanks in advance . mark

Joined: 14/09/2005
Location: Australia
Posts: 1361
Posted: 03:32am 26 May 2019
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Hi Mark,

I just did a google of Alston windmills, . A few advertisements of yesteryears Ads, but not much else .

You could go further and try and contact some of the "Southern-Cross" restorers ,through Google or similar sites.

Best of luck with your restoration ,


Senior Member

Joined: 31/12/2016
Location: Australia
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Posted: 05:20am 26 May 2019
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Hi Mark

Have An Alston 33 for parts, sorry no big gear, just as is, center gear is still on the shaft.
If your not far away you can have it for parts.

location QLD 4340.Edited by Revlac 2019-05-27
Cheers Aaron
Off The Grid


Joined: 21/06/2019
Location: Australia
Posts: 1
Posted: 05:10am 21 Jun 2019
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I have an old Alston windmill on my farm. Not sure of the model, may be an ALSTON 1927 ENCLOSED DOUBLE GEARED WINDMILL.

The blades are all missing and the head side covers are missing but the gears are still there if you are still interested.

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