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Kits & Parts  

Are you a home based business in renewable energy? Please let me know, TheBackShed supports small RE based businesses. Contact Us


Extruded PVC Windmill Blades

These extruded PVC blades make building your own wind turbine a lot easier than hand carved timber blades, and a lot cheaper than other commercial blade sets.


Extruded Aluminium Windmill Blades.

Same profile as the PVC blades, these aluminium blades are longer lasting and stronger.


Oz Wind Engineering.

Phill at Oz Wind Eng has put together a New Laser cut range of windmill Kits to suit the F&P Smartdrive, Blade Hub kits to suit the GOE222 aluminium blades, custom Made Blade Hubs and Repairs.


John's scale model windmills.

John builds scale model windmills from his home workshop. The larger models have a great deal of detail, and can even pump water.


Ian's Aluminium Bearing Hubs


Price Watch.

Looking for a good deal on renewable energy products? The Price Watch page lists products found at a good price by our forum members.



A customized wind generator for every client's application, taking back America one turbine at a time. Hurricane Wind Generators are imagined, engineered, sourced, manufactured, and crafted in the United States.


The Back Shed's windmill Kit.

The windmill kit I was making is no longer available. While the kit has been successful, my own time constraints with work mean that I can no longer supply the kit.

These parts are designed to take a Fisher & Paykel Smartdrive motor as the alternator, the design is not suitable for any other motor. If you have access to a laser cutter, you can download the original laser cutting DXF files below. These files are free and public domain, but there are conditions you must agree too, ie you can not sell the plans, use the files to make your own windmill kits for sale, etc.

I have a new design completed now, using common sized steel and a few bits of scrap metal. Click here for instructions. This new design does not need any laser cut parts and is in my view a better windmill. It also uses the F&P Smartdrive as the alternator.

But if you have access to a laser cutter you can download and use the DXF file below. Note, these are metric DXF files, if your laser operator requires imperial files, he simply needs to scale them by 25.4.

Click here to download DXF files.