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More about water pumping windmills. Link.

John's working scale model windmills.  

John builds working scale model farm windmills in a variety of sizes. The smaller 4 foot tower with a 18inch wheel model is for show, and the bigger 6 foot with 26inch wheel and 7 foot with a 36inch wheel models can be used to pump water.

The larger windmills can be fitted with a stainless steel drive shaft and brass water pump, ideal for circulating water through a garden water feature and pond.

Depending on model, the windmills can be hot dip galvanised or painted. John can also supply miniature water tank and stands to suit see photo below.

For more information, you can contact John via email or phone ( Australia, eastern ) on his mobile phone 0488 355 578.


Note: Sizes are approximate.


Small 4 foot ornamental, and a 6 foot with water pump.

Galvanised model with water pump, 2.8m to wheel top.


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