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Foundry & Fibreglass, Basicly Natural  

Latest News. Trev and Marcy have a new web site called Basicly Natural.


The Foundry and Fibreglass is still online at....


Trevor sent these pictures through as examples of his work, and its very impressive. He can cast just about anything in aluminum, and also works in fibreglass. Prices for some of the items shown are...

  • Complete White Pointer Kit, not including f&p motor or any wiring, 3 blade, either 2.1m $1040 or 2.9m diameter $1100
  • Cast 3 blade Prop Hub f&p spline $140, 25mm hole with key slot $110
  • Set of Blades, Fibreglass Composite 2.9m diameter $360
  • Set of Blades, Fibreglass Composite 2.1m diameter $300
  • Aircraft 3 blade Prop Hub, Blade angle adjustable (blade holder only machined) $250
  • Aircraft styled 6 blade Prop Hub Blade angle adjustable $320
  • Slip ring arrangement (as used on White Pointer), includes pole mount, insulated slip rings, brushes & holders x 2, bearings & outer casing $420
  • Bearing Housing (as used on White Pointer) $110

Yet to come

  • Aerofoil blades
  • Adjustable styled blades
  • Alloy cast Magnet Rotor
  • Auto Furling system

People can make their own patterns (in any material) for casting or be reproduced in fibreglass. Special orders welcome. I've visited Trev's workshop and seen some of his work first hand, its all excellent quality and designed to last. Also shown below are some of Trev's other windmill projects from the past.

Trevs' details are at the bottom of the page.

Cast 3 Blade Prop Hub f&p Bearing Holder & fibreglass cover mounting star
f&p wind gen double Bearing Holder etc on Slip Ring
f&p wind gen White Pointer Fibreglass Covers
Lifting White Pointer 3 Blade 2[1].9 m Diameter Fibreglass Composite
White Pointer up beside my first f & p F&P White Pointer
Aircraft prop hub Aircraft prop hub
car diff, vertical shaft & self exciting 40 A alternator v belt alternator
Mill Diff & six blade 2[1].9m diameter fibreglass composite

More Spline on f&p Shaft for Dual Rotor
Original Prototype f&p on Slip Rings v belt alternator



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