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Winston Battery BMS

Battery Monitoring System

The BMS for monitoring of 1-50 (can be up to 100) cells includes the following parts:

A touch screen colour LCD, a management computer, 5 voltage/temperature collector modules, and a current collector module.

LCD front page displays the total voltage, total current, maximum temperature and the storage of power as well as the maximum and minimum voltage of every single cell in a pack.

LCD pages behind the front page show the other 4 temperatures and the voltages of all the other cells. The system is set up in another page. Alarms are set on another page.

Normally supplied with cables not made up, as we don`t know the length that cables need to be. All fittings, plugs and a length of cable supplied with wiring diagram, details and pictures to make the job as simple as possible.
Note: this does not equalize the cells.


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