Why join? You need to be a site member to add your own parts.

The Auto Search site has a database of parts that are for sale, or wanted, by site members. The site is aimed at classic car and bike owners.

By becoming a member of the site, you can add your own parts to the database. Its free, all you need is a working email address and a password.

Once you have become a member, you can add up to 10 parts ( from a headlight to a complete vehicle ), with pictures. These could be parts you have for sale, or parts you are looking for.

You can also set up "notifications". A notification is where the site will send you a email if someone else adds or updates a part. For example, you could set up a notification to email you if another member puts up a Holden 308 for sale.

To join as a new member, or log in if you are already a member, click here.

Once you have logged in, you can add parts and notifications on the Members Page. You'll see this option in the menu above once you have logged in.